Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Walgreens and Pizza Hut

Friday nights used to be a time when we went out to eat as a family. We went to the same Mexican food restaurant every Friday for weeks, months, years.

Wait. Hold on. That was when we only had one child who was in elementary school and my husband didn't coach high school football and basketball.

With three children and a husband who does indeed coach high school football and basketball (and up until a minute ago I had a son who played football and basketball on Friday nights), our Fridays of fun eating out are rare. I mean bloody, cold center steak rare. And, oh, by the way, we sure don't eat out at a restaurant that doesn't offer up crayons, coloring sheets or a TV in close proximity to our table.

So when an invitation came from my parents that we could meet them for a Friday night dinner close to our house, we said yes. My husband was coaching (it's basketball season .... which I seem to forget about because my son doesn't play anymore) and my son was at home from college on Christmas break. I rushed home from work, got the girls dressed in going to dinner clothes and we rolled down the street to Pizza Hut. The standards are high my friends. Very high.

We wemt all out at the Hut .... even visited the salad bar. And, ordered the cinnamon sugar dipper sticks. I don't eat gluten, what?

Bonus, my parents paid. Double bonus, we had some time to run over to Walgreens to stock up on toiletries for Chris.

All four of us. Together. At Walgreens. After eating together.

No, Pizza Hut isn't my first, second, third, 80th choice for Friday night dinner. And, no, visiting Walgreens and spending over $50 on shampoos and lotions isn't big time Friday night fun.

But we were all together. I didn't have to cook dinner or run an early morning Saturday errand. I watched my girls hold their Bubba's hands as they wandered the Walgreens aisles. I heard my dad share his college football stories with my son. I provided allergy medicine advice to my son (he asked me for my advice!).

When we made it home, I got a fourth part because I had a Friday night dinner with my children. Fed and provided for (I mean the hair care required for these three!), I sat and read. I sighed with a smile as I listened to my children laughing. I paused and thanked God for the gift of Walgreens and Pizza Hut. I even said thank you for the kids running around the house playing chase. All from my chair in front of the TV with my iPad close by and my book in my lap. What a fourth part.

(But I didn't say thank you for the upset stomach later from the Hut.)

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