Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bath Time and Work Study

Let's say you decide to get pregnant pretty close to when you get married -- like you are seven months pregnant at your one-year wedding anniversary. And, let's say you decide to wait almost 12 years to have another child and you have twin girls. Oh, and let's say you are 41 years old when your twins are born. And, because I think the following is a badge of honor, let's say you move when you are in the seventh-month of your high-risk pregnancy (because you are old and having twins).

All that results in sitting at your house trying to fit in bath time for twins who are girls and who have hair that needs to be washed, conditioned, combed, conditioned again (I've got a curly-headed one). And, there's the lotion and the PJs and the putting away of the swimming Barbies.

And, that results in your college freshman son deciding 8 p.m. works for him to figure out the work study application that needs to be taken care of before he goes back for spring semester (which is in a few days).

And, it's at that point that I want, no need, a fourth part. And, actually, it's at that point when I realize I had done all I needed to do to have a fourth part.

Baths get done (including the combing throught the very curly hair and braiding for the nighttime ahead).

Application gets submitted because in today's world all ya do is click the job you want and then click submit. That's it. (Oh, and spend about 30 minutes deciding what job you want because you don't want to dress business casual and have to answer phones and talk to people or fold towels and wipe down workout equipment.) (And, telling your mother that your friend has a job doing something or the other in some department and take a pause to call the friend and find out that job is no longer available.) (And, have to listen to your mom say you better pick a job because cafeteria and landscaper are all that is going to be available and that will be hard work and thinking your mom might be secretly praying those do become the only jobs left so you learn a lesson).

But it gets done.

Maybe because I made time to have a fourth part. Maybe because I finished all the other things that needed to get done before the baths and applications.

Or maybe, this time, it was because G Adams arrived home early from basketball practice and gave the baths so I could finish up dinner prep and all the next day requirements prep and be ready for the application process.

Partnership. Fourth part occurs. Aaahhhh, another way to get a fourth part.

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