Monday, January 18, 2016

Duncan Hines and Pinterest

I'm wrapping up a three-day weekend. Thankful for MLK Jr. and who he was and what he stood for. Grateful for his bravery and civility. Pleased that because of who he was we have a federal holiday. And, I work for a bank, so I get the day off.

We needed three days this weekend. All kinds of fourth day needs and requirements that were achieved because of planning, friends, Duncan Hines, Pinterest and prayer.


My son came for a visit this weekend after being in school for a week. He also came to a decision of wanting to transfer to another school next year. He wants to continue playing football, too. Lots to do in a short time (his timeline is now which is another story and requires lots of prayer and planning). Lots of prayer. Lots of conversations. Lots of agreements. I'd like a Pinterest board for having college, future, think in the long term, adult conversations with an 18-year-old. Should I do a search?

My fourth parts were so nice this week. Yes, I did the usual catch up on the DVR and did some mindless Cookie Jam playing. But, I also got to see two movies! One was with my husband because our neighbor friends had the girls over for a sleep-over. That also gave us Sunday morn to have a long convo with our son. Friends are a gift and a critical piece of achieving fourth parts. They can help with carpool and school pick up, provide kitchen staples such as soy sauce and get mail while on vacation. 

Another key to fourth parts is shortcuts in the kitchen. Enter Duncan Hines and Pinterest. I hit two home runs tonight which gave me an early fourth part .... 8 p.m. fourth part! This  mini cake mix with a frosting mix, too, is easy, amazing and yes, the perfect size. And, after watching a video on Facebook of a quick meal being made, I found it on Pinterest. Pinned it. Made it. It's this creamy butter chicken dish with spinach. Delicious.

Sent my son off with half his favorite cake, packed up leftover chicken for lunch tomorrow and prayed a lot. All for a Monday holiday evening fourth part. 

Social media and boxed cake mixes can be used for good. 

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