Thursday, January 21, 2016

Laying Out Clothes and High School Musical 2

Sometimes in the midst of fourth part planning, you get a gift. Sometimes that gift comes in the form of a easily prepped and cooked meal or an earlier than usual arrival home from a day of work.

Other times, that gift comes in the form of the Disney Channel programming. High School Musical one night and the next night is High School Musical 2. Record one, live play the second. DVR up and running at 5:30 p.m. while dinner prep is being finished. Showtime at 7 p.m. for the second. Yeah, you read that right. My precious, mind needing to be formed in the right way girls watched over two hours of TV straight.

Gifts. I tell you gifts. I know, it's TV. We should probably be reviewing word wall words or practicing handwriting. But, we are not. We are watching TV.

A sweet fourth part gift provided with tunes. Peppy, we are all in this together music. Disney .... You are the music in me tonight.

With all this time, dinner done and girls situated, I can pre-plan my work wardrobe. My Friday wardrobe is a bit complicated. I have to be corporate for a morning meeting, but then get to change into 'I work on a campus-like setting now' on a blue jeans day. With this luxury of time, I can puruse Pinterest for clever Friday outfits and organize my thoughts on what shoes to pop in the car, make sure my undergarments are appropriate for both outfits and have the right accessories. I mean who needs Rachel Zoe? OK, I really would love a stylist but I've got tomorrow figured out!

Tonight's fourth part brought all my favs together in one place -- TV, Pinterest and fashion. Too bad Olivia Pope or Claire Underwood aren't on the TV, but I know they would be proud with my outfit choices. And, glasses of wine. And, calm, cool demeanor.

Fixing and plotting how to solve all sorts of problems. What a big fourth part. Now, how would Sharpei and Zach Ephron put the choreography together and sing this one out?

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