Monday, January 25, 2016

Trampoline Parks and HIIT

High Intensity Interval Trainig. Not really my usual choice for a fourth part but when it is wall sits and jump squats and nothing is on TV, I'm in.

Ok, we have an early fourth part around here (thanks to trampolines and G Adams starting dinner) so I was going to settle in for an evening of mindless television watching. DVR is empty. I've caught up on shows. Bravo has Vanderpump Rules (shockingly, not a fan). And, the networks have shows I don't watch. As a last resort, I've out on The Batchelor. Lord, hear my prayer that I raise girls who do not become these women! To make it more fascinating, the ladies are in Vegas with Ben. Now, he's going on a date with the twins. Really?!?

Wait, I'm supposed to be doing HIIT and my heart rate is going up just watching this crazy show. He's at the twins' house and the mom is there. Please, let her be thinking this is nuts and that she should grab her girls and tell that boy to leave.

Th point of explaining TV, HIIT and fourth part is you can have a few fourth part activities. You can work out and watch some crazy TV. You can pin and play Cookie Jam in between writing or going through emails.

Now, he's talking to the mom. Well, she's wearing hole-y jeans. 'Nuf said.

The other bonus for tonight was early bedtime. I wish early bedtime happened every night but then I couldn't write that it is early.

My girls wore themselves out at a trampoline park Sunday at a birthday party. Then, tonight, Camille had tumbling. There has been a lot of bouncing the last few days. I'm sure they are flipping and jumping in their sleep. (The melatonin gummies help,with that, too.)

The tiring out of children is magic. But there is that balance between having them tire out and getting them revved up. While I've never quite figured it out, I do know my girls wear out from outdoor, physical activity. They rev up with indoor tag and watching TV.

All trampoline for them and all Bachelor for me ... With a side of HIIT.

But a full-serving of fourth part. Only 30 more seconds of a wall sit. And 21 minutes of Bachelor.

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