Monday, November 30, 2015

Basketball and Christmas Decorating

It's basketball season in our house (as I've written before). Now, wait. It's basketball season for my husband the coach. It is not basketball season for the rest of the people who live in this house. Not even basketball season for my son who played basketball the last nine or 10 years. Adjustment, much?

The calendar entries on the family calendar have slimmed up for December, January and February. I recently added in G's freshman basketball schedule, but I'll tell ya, it is weird having those blanks on Chris' line and mine. No games to attend, no lockers to decorate, no one to cheer on. Weird. Odd. Strange.

With all that avaialability time -- high school basketball games are Tuesday's and Fridays every week -- I should be getting loads done around the house when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Yeah, not really happening.

I've got the front door wreath hung. That took real effort. I have the Christmas card wreath thing up. Again, major effort because I had to (wait for it) take down a picture to use the hook for the wire wreath. Relax already, I can hear you saying! Oh, and I assembled the main, big tree. And, that is tough. I mean, inserting the top section into the middle section into the bottom section into the tree stand is an all-30 second event. Maybe a single minute because I had to plug the tree into the wall and push the lights button.

Tonight, while eating dinner -- which was pork chops and fresh green beans that I whipped up after Camille's tumbling class because it was on the menu schedule and I remember to thaw out the meat in the refrigerator (no health inspection rules broken here!) -- the girls asked if we could just put up some of the ornaments and the stockings. I took a deep breath and said 'maybe tomorrow.'

Tomorrow is Tuesday. No basketball games to go to so we have free time on the schedule. The only big event tomorrow is free Bahama Buck snow cones!

So, we will put up the other trees, hang the ornaments and stockings, plus, maybe even decorate the mantle. Maybe Tuesdays in Decembers from now on will have something on the calendar -- Christmas decorating!

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