Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shopping and Sleep

How do you fit in holiday shopping in an already packed holiday schedule? That requires some detailed fourth part planning.

First, pull together your gift list. Even if you only list out the gift recipient names, that's a start. Then, scribble in some gift ideas. Black Friday circulars and online ads help narrow down the options. Ask your sweet daughters to start their lists -- Caroline now has 26 items with a theme of art supplies. Camille has around nine with four of those being Shopkin-related gifts. Send out emails to family asking for gift ideas. The adults draw names in my family, but we buy for the kids.

Second, start shopping on Amazon and sing the praises of Prime membership with free shipping. I mean, as most of America knows by now, Amazon has just about everything. Dream maker, it is.

Yes, I enjoy wandering the stores looking at the finery, but the driving, the parking, the carrying of gifts, I'm just too tired. I like sleeping in during the holidays and on the weekends.

So, I can add in about 30-minutes to my schedule for shopping and still have plenty of time for fourth part sleep-ins.

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