Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meltdowns and Mexican Food

Best plans don't always mean the best reality. Plans are just that, plans. Reality, well that's reality. Oh and tonight was full-blown, I've got twin six-year-old girls and pay a babysitter to watch those girls each school day reality.

Wednesdays are tap. The dance studio is at a mid-point between my work and my house. The house is where the girls come from with the babysitter. We meet at the studio. My sweet, patient babysitter helps the girls get dressed for tap. There are very specific attire requirements so pink tights (that don't have holes -- we only have two pair of those) and pink leotards are in order. And, a bottom cover up. We do these dance short things. Putting on tights is tough. Oh, and you have to pack the tap shoes and wear flops or some other easy, slip-on shoe.

Tap is a fav so there is usually no issue.

Oh, but today there was a big ol' issue named Camille who decided she was not going to tap. She didn't just use her words, she used her loud screaming and crying voice. And, for extra drama, she laid out on the floor kicking while she screamed. My babysitter is a sweet, 17-year-old. Disciplining little ones who are pitching a high holy fit is not something she does. She's supposed to help with homework, get the girls in play clothes, play with them and visit Bahamas Bucks or Orange Leaf from time to time.

The text I received during the fit asked what should be done. I called immediately and requested an audience withe the screamer. I asked her to take a deep breath, then firmly said, stand up and start walking to the car. I had to repeat myself a few times (getting louder with each repeat) but she got in the car.

Then, she slept. I knew it. Camille melts down when she is tired, hungry or struggling with adapting to something. I melt down too, in those situations, but I can't scream and kick on the floor. She woke up upon parking at the dance studio. She ran into class and tapped, tapped away.

As we ran into class, Caroline sweetly asked if we could eat at a restaurant after tap because we all needed a break. I said yes. She looked at the Mexican food place in the strip center by the studio. She said, "let's go there." Mexican food is special to me. I'm particular. I enjoy the holes in the walls, but only go to those based on recommendations. I just don't stroll in because a six-year-old says she wants to eat there.

Well, we strolled in and it was a hit. Pancakes for the girls. Fideo for me.

Meltdown forgotten.

Fourth part earned. No need to cook dinner.

Mexican food fixes everything.

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