Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Steroid shot and Verizon

Would you rather call Verizon to work through billing issues on your son's mobile phone account or wait in a med clinic for two hours to get a steroid plus B12 shot?

How about doing both? Remember, to earn that coveted fourth part of the day that is all yours to do what you want to do and how you want to do it, you have to get through the un-fun first.

Even on a sick day, some things must be done to earn a minute of fourth part. 

I summoned up the energy for a shower .... that went kind of wonky because the sprinklers were running and I don't know how to turn them off (there's some mystery timer and switch somewhere in the garage but today, really?!) so it was a cold, low flow, no time to shave the legs blast. And, then went to the local med clinic that also interestingly enough does Botox, Restylane, Fraxal and all sorts of other face stuff. I guess when you are feeling cruddy, there's nothing like a facial pick me up to improve your outlook. I mean, you feel like junk, but you look good?

Then, I waited for two hours! Guess the diagnosis -- bad case of the seasonal allergies. As my ATL friend says, 'what the whatty what?' The doctor told me to take an antihistamine, use some saline nasal wash and call it a day. Oh no, for two hours, I'm walking out with a line-free face or something. So, I got the steroid shot with a dose of B12. She assured me that would only help for a day or two and I thought, yeah, why would I want to feel better at all. Give me the shot.

Bounced out, then I remembered I had a work call and a call to make to Verison.

Thank goodness for sweet customer service agent Jenny who,earned the rest of the day off. Long, first world problem story short. My college-bound son couldn't perform at the highest academic level without an iPhone 6 so he found one and a deal that was too good to be true. A $300 credit thrown in here, 10 GB free each mont for a year there and then in the tiniest of legalese contract print -- a $760 phone. The payment for the phone was nicely broken down into $31 for life and we got a $25 credit a month -- really just bill us $6 a month. All in all, I'm fighting the phone giant Verizon for $430 but got the billing resolved. Can't wait for next month. Jenny and I became such fast friends, I even learned her grandson is five-months-old today.

So, Jenny is spending her fourth part with her grandson. And, I'm resting comfortably with a bandage on my hind side and a budgetable phone bill figure. I'm thinking the fourth part for me will be a cocktail that goes well with steroids. Glad I pushed through the seasonal allergies, unshaven legs and mobile phone company phone tree to get a brief fourth part.

What will tomorrow be? Another day. Prepping for first part begins now, I just heard my girls,and the sitter get home.

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