Monday, October 12, 2015

Sick day(s)

Greatest plans can be made and then life happens, right? A holiday can mean a few things -- rest and relaxation if the kids are in school or projects and activities if the kids are at home.

I had a list going to earn me a few fourth parts for many an upcoming day. Photos downloaded and arranged into not one, but two photo books. I have a coupon expiring soon! Finish painting the laundry room. Take clothes to the resale shop. Complete the art and photo framing and hanging plan.

On top of this, dinner would be made, laundry done and two workouts knocked out.

Alas, I got a bug. Not a bug to wake up early and start the list. Not a bug to drive out of town to the beach. But a bug that knocked me out both yesterday and today.

Ugh. Holiday fun. And, did I mention it was a school holiday, too. Oh, and a teacher work day so my husband was out the door early for meetings and then at school all day for practice. Yip skip.

Now, I'm responding to pleas of hunger, cries of boredom and reading practice. All I want to do is pop some medicine and sleep. I've got a headache, body aches, a stomach that is not pleased with no food or any food, and a throat that is scratchy.

Because of planning ahead though, I've got a ranch chicken and rice casserole made and ready for dinner. That was a Saturday project. Most of the laundry is done. Bills have been paid. So there is very little real life activities that need to be done.

Projects can wait as I get some rest to feel better. Really, rest will have to wait too because I have someone rolling on the floor next to my bed repeating over and over 'what can I do, what can I do.'

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  1. Keep posting. You're making me feel human again - past and present!