Monday, October 19, 2015


Achieving a fourth part requires careful planning and preparation. It shouldn't create chaos or angst. Sometimes, it does.

In my attempts to get everything done according to my timeline, I sometimes upset the timelines of the others in my house. In the moment, I don't always catch the disruption, but I'm getting a bit better at figuring it out. (So, this means tomorrow all bets are off because I wrote that).

I can get the next day's lunches thrown together in a heartbeat, but I don't have to plow over the girls to get to the garage refrigerator to grab the juice boxes. I can take out the recycle and pull up the trash can from the curb, but I don't have to slam car doors to make it happen. I can sign forms with my right hand while unzipping backpacks with the left, but I shouldn't stop helping with the girls' reading.

Yeah, choices. Ugh, but choosing something over getting a fourth part. Well, yeah, that's called life, parenting, responsibilities.

How about calming down and getting the tasks done at a normal pace while enjoying the girls tell me about playground antics and the latest Junie B. Jones chapter. Or how about taking a breath, pouring that glass of wine and sitting down with the girls while they do the art square in the tic tac toe homework. How about stopping and smelling ... Oh, wait, do they need a bath?

Tonight's choice, skip the bath, heat up a corn dog for one, make a Nutella sandwich for the other and let the reading go a little later leaving the light on in their bedroom until they fall asleep. Then, for some mad reason, I had time to get in a workout.

Choices. Payoff. Win.

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