Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blue Apron, Underwear and Emals

Seared chicken and caramelized fennel came in the mail today, along with two other meals in my first Blue Apron delivery. Wow, I needed this. I did not have to think at all about tonight's dinner. I did have to do some prep which didn't really fit into going through lunch boxes and keeping the girls occupied. But, I pushed through and everything was chopped and cooked by 6:30 p.m.

Good, right? Yet, I was no where near a fourth part. I had underwear to go through and emails to clean out (reverse that). The girls have (had) about 38 pair of underwear. Many of them no longer fit. So, we sorted. Rapunzel didn't make the cut, but we kept Frozen, Barbie and My Little Pony.

Next up, emails. Oh, never mind, laundry -- because we needed a pair of tights for tomorrow's tap class -- and I needed to get a workout done. And, ugh, baths needed.

Let's recap. Big plans to go through emails,and underwear with the luxury of a pre-planned Blue Apron meal. And, then, a few other requirements were thrown in -- laundry, reading, workout, bath. Then, a decision. With only emails left (let me be clear 2500 to sort through within a very unreliable mail server system) and a season premiere of a fav show, I had to choose. Did I want a fourth part or did I want to accomplish a task. I threw myself on my bed after washing my face and putting on PJs, turned on the TV, fired up the iPad and watched a TV show. And, wrote a blog post.

There will be about 200 more emails to sort through tomorrow, so that task can wait. Unless another TV show premieres.

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