Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fitting in projects

So with the fourth part being such an important part of the day, how do you fit in projects? I'm talking around the house, catching up on life kind of projects.

You know the type -- photos, my God, photos. Downloading off the camera to the computer, organizing, editing, loading up to a phot site, ordering (hoping for a coupon or promo code), receiving, buying an album or frames and then, finally, putting in the album and frames. I'm exhausted just typing that list.

Oh but what about sewing projects, painting projects, organizing projects, room decorating projects? Yikes. Too much to do.

These kind of projects might be fourth part of the day activities for some, but not me. These are work hard, put off fun stuff to get them done kind of projects. I'll tell you though, when I get one done or even partially completed, I reward myself with a really long fourth part.

Like tonight. I'm rewarding myself for rearranging the girls' room, which included putting the twin beds together into bunk beds, which means we had a stop at Home Depot this morn for a board to keep any rolling outs happening. I also re-did the laundry room. We had about 14 plastic bins of various sizes holding all sorts of things on two shelves. I went to Target today to buy lovely grey and white boxes to better hold our laundry things. Nice. Oh, and because I wanted extra credit, I painted half of the laundry room an aqua color. Yes, taped and half painted the laundry room. All while my husband went to get a car wash.

So how do you fit in projects .... Skip church, run errands early and get to work. Then, by 7 p.m. -- for real, you can turn on the kind of boring Emmys because I don't even know half the shows up for awards -- you've got a fourth part.

iPad and two glasses of wine with the TV on ..... Projects done.

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