Sunday, September 13, 2015

Industrious Sunday

I sometimes push really hard through Sunday afternoons so that I can have a nice fourth part Sunday evening. I am like a boot camp instructor barking orders, moving through my projects and chores.

Some call it intense, I call it industrious.

I can knock out two errands after church -- pack the car the night before with goods to return, items to pick up -- and then after lunch have a string of projects complete before 3 p.m.

For what? I'm not going to get an award for 'most projects knocked out on a Sunday afternoon' or even get a nap -- I have twin six-year-olds, remember? But, if I do get those projects done, those things that are in the back of my mind always as activities that need to be completed because well, because, ugh, no reason.

It's that syndrome of the more I have to get done, the better mom or wife I am. I mean, I can let everyone I know hear my list of accomplishments. While others napped or leaisurely sipped tea in the afternoon or even enjoyed the beautiful weather with their family, I finished a sewing project, unloaded the dishwasher, laid out the girls' clothes for school, planned the meals for the week and by gosh, wrote some posts. Yay me.

So I get a fourth part all to myself, but have I missed on the second and third part of a Sunday with my family. My girls are having a dance party outside right now on a gorgeous pre-fall, end of summer day and I'm writing because I want to get this post done.

Industrious? I'm good for now. Time to enjoy. Lose the intensity.

My fourth part today can be with my family during the day. What a concept!