Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Shoe Taps and Handstand Walks

My devotions of late have been about trusting God can meet all my needs. My job of late has been about extending trust to others and building trust. My life of late has been about trusting myself to focus on that which is most important.

Theme much?

Trust. There are countless definitions of trust but the one that rings most true for me is the noun -- 'a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.'

It's easy to trust God, right? I mean, He is the definition of reliability, truth, ability and strength. Yet, I continue to try and handle things on my own. Remember, our family word for 2017 was 'fix.' Because, yeah, we know best.

So, everyday I try to trust God for all things. It's a work in progress, but it is work. Is that the cross we pick up everyday? Is that the commitment we made to Him as I am on a salvation journey. I'm saved, but I'm on a journey to learn more, be more, act more . . . like a Christian.

And, speaking of journeys. I'm on one at work. And, it's all about trust. I have the trust of many . . . my role relies on individuals trusting confidences with me and that I have their best interests at heart. Yet, I continue to work at building trust with people. One of whom is now my boss. He's never seen me in my role and doesn't quite know how I do what I do.

So, everyday I work at it. It's a work in progress, but it is work. It is a commitment I've made. It's a journey to figure out how to best work with people.

Then, there's my life. The first, third and fourth parts. Learning to trust myself as a mother of a college student and twin young girls is a challenge. I've not done this before. How can I trust myself with decisions and actions?

So, everyday I work at it. It's a work in progress, but it is work. It is a commitment I've made. It's a journey to become a mom that helps and promotes and guides this gifts I've been given.

Trusting that everyone in my family is in on this journey together is somewhere I've landed and in which I've found comfort. These fourth parts are so critical to me, but I'm not the only one aiming to get them. I've got a houseful of people who want fourth parts so we all work toward that goal. Together. When the to-do list of second and third parts gets long and looks too overwhelming, I trust that we can work on a plan to get it done. Now, not everyone can get the items done -- the girls cannot drive to the tax assessor office and get G's tags -- but we can all help.

Like the time I needed new shoe taps on a pair of shoes -- remember the 'fix' word -- I looked up and realized I needed the shoes fixed by a specific day this week. This week. For an outfit I wanted to wear to a kind of important work meeting. It meant, all hands in on getting the girls ready and out the door so that I could get to the shoe repair spot in time before I needed to be at work.

Yes, for a second, I considered walking in shoes with a tap missing on the left shoe, but then thought . . .I can't trust myself to walk in a wonky shoe. Guess what -- they will be ready just in time, but it's another time where we need to all work together to help me get to the shop before getting to work.

Trust the process, trust the family.

So when it's time for a track meet and G has to work said meet, and the plans for dinner include ordering and picking up pizza, and baths are needing to happen, and my hair needs to get washed, and I scheduled writing time, and it is a beautiful evening . . . the girls can go outside. They can go outside and play. Play while I ready for the parts tomorrow. Play while I clean up the dinner table. Not only play, but practice handstand walks. Well, Camille practiced her handstand walks and 'taught' Caroline how to do a handstand walk. Caroline even said, "I trust you, Camille."

Wow. Trust the process, trust the family.

I won't be walking on my hands anytime soon, but I am committed to using my hands to write, help others and open my Bible.

I trust I can do that.

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