Saturday, September 3, 2016

Thursday Night Lights and House Keys

We love high school football. We love college football. My husband loves the Dallas Cowboys but struggles each season to maintain the feeling.

Lots of football games to go to, lots of football games to listen to on the radio and lots of football games to watch on TV.


This I know how to do. Obviously, each Lee and Baylor game gets entered on to the family calendar by mid-summer. And, we put game times and venues on our mobile calendars. I also put together the 'what Baylor tickets am I selling' schedule. It's a piece of paper slipped inside the season tickets packet. Not so fancy, but it works. (Oh by the way, I still am trying to sell the tickets to the September 24 Oklahoma State game. With a parking pass. Great seats. $100 each. Covered.)

As you know, we've not so many other fall activities in our house, but we do have that thing called life. The thing I have a first, second and third part of the day for -- each day. The list of which you are familiar --  including laundry, homework, meals, cleaning (we put our cleaning lady on hold -- good idea? Not sold yet, but we are saving money.)

Bedtimes, baths, hair washing, outfit planning and bed making. Projects and play time. And, the only scheduled activity is Camille's tumbling. (We cannot convince Caroline to participate in anything -- no acting, no singing, no tennis, no basketball -- yeah, I even went there.)

Friday high school games are a breeze. They begin at 7:30 p.m. which gives us plenty o' time to eat dinner, get dressed, fix hair and pack a big tote bag of goodies -- and, then get to the game in time to see G and sing the school song. (All before kick off thank you.)

Saturday high school games, even easier. We can do nothing all day and get to a 7 p.m. game no problem.

Saturday Baylor games require a bit of planning. Organizing a sitter for the girls, pulling together the tailgate food and beverages and loading up the car with all our needs (STYROFOAM CUPS!). But, in the end, it takes about three hours to get to Waco so we can figure out a Saturday. No other activities -- OK, G has to work most of those days -- but we've nothing else to do (except that cleaning of the house -- what was I thinking!!).

So what happens when there is a Thursday night football game and a Friday night Baylor game. Sell the Baylor tickets. Yeah, figured that out. Find the channel the game is on. Well, that was a challenge. I mean who knew there was a StufTV and that is the channel a sweet Baptist university plays on for their season opener.

Oh, the Thursday high school game. And, it's an away game. Not too far away -- just down the highway, but away enough, that we need to leave a bit earlier than usual to make the hello to G and school song singing. And, even with that earlier leave, you are up against a 7 p.m. kickoff and hitting SA traffic.

No worries. I'm a planner. I write a blog about it. I have calendars and check lists to prove I've got those skills.

Homework finished up earlier in the week. Game clothes planned for and laid out day before. Bath done the day before. Lunches put together early in the day. Dinner plans include a visit to the concession stand to snap up a hot dog and some nachos (with a side of candy).

But what about the late bedtime?

No planning can help you with that. Because that next morning comes really early. And, the 4000 percent humidity should have required a bath, but there is no time for that with Thursday Night Lights. Should have brought the PJs in the car. I used to do that when the girls were little. Missed that step in the planning.

Also, how do you handle the son who wants to stay later than you at the game and he rode with you? Well, you find him a ride -- easy to do because one of his best friends was at the game. Then, you see his house key in your car as you park which means you have to leave a house key under the mat -- at night!! -- until whatever time he decides to come in. And, that's late because he doesn't have class the next day and you really can't sleep until he gets home and because the KEY IS UNDER THE MAT.

I couldn't take any sleep aids and I also have this tendency to kind of stay awake until G gets home from the game -- which is later than my normal bedtime. He also didn't know the garage door had been fixed so he needed a house key, which he had, thankfully. Remember, KEY IS UNDER THE MAT for the son not the spouse.

Yes, we love football and we have the outfits and gear to prove it. And, we also usually have a sore throat or lost voice to show we had some big-time enthusiasm during the game.

I also love sleep. I love easy school mornings (hence the planning). I highly desire fourth parts which slip away from me with Thursday night high school games and Friday night Baylor games. Well, because, football.

With that in mind, it's Labor Day weekend so bonus, I have a stress free Saturday (no Baylor games to make me anxious) and an extra day Monday. I've got a lot of fourth part opportunity.

And, a lot of football watching.

Thank goodness, this upcoming weekend is a Friday night high school game (at a home stadium) and a Saturday mid-day start Baylor game. That's a fall. That's the football I love. That's my fourth part.

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