Monday, August 29, 2016

A Movie and A New Laptop

When there's a new movie out and it requires going with girlfriends, you spend a few weeks trying to plan an outing to see it and you have a hard time finding the time and the friends with the time.

Then, at the first football game of the season, you make a plan during the third quarter, text some friends and finalize a date and time. 2 p.m. Sunday. Simple, right? From Friday p.m. to Sunday afternoon, many things can change and oh, details that include school is back and week two starts the day after the planned movie. Uh oh. Packing lunches, pulling out clothes for the week and getting the homework done (that now comes home over the weekend and there is a full week to complete it!) all needs to happen before leaving for the movie.

And, the grocery list which fits in with the weekly meal plan has to be finished. What about the cleaning of the house because I had the idea to save some money and put the housekeeper on hold? Oh, that needs to be done, too. Then, there's the laundry.

All to make sure I can make it to a movie. G being at home on a Sunday is an easy bet to make because, well, he's not at home on Saturdays during season -- so the girls are covered. No need for a sitter.

Then, the time comes.

Oh, wait, a new laptop owned by my son is having a difficult time connecting to the wireless printer and oh, wait, he's needing to order books for the fall semester (which started the prior week) at the very moment I'm readying to walk out the door. Oh, and wait, the e-rental requires a credit card and the payment error that keeps presenting is some wacko thing that is because we aren't on Google Chrome. (Really!?!)

So when the laptop doesn't connect immediately and then when it finally does (a few short moments later) we discover there is no printer paper, all shuts down. I make a comment that we can fix it later. Then, he points out he can print at school. Problem solving 101 -- yeah.

While the laptop connecting to the printer without paper issue goes on, I'm on hold with the e-rental book site and in a few short moments, it is not resolved. I finally say, while my friend is waiting for me to drive to the movies, we can resolve this later. He looks at me with concern but then a shrug because yeah, it will be resolved later.

Off to the movies. At last.

Hilarious. Funny. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Rounds out with a dinner at a new place where the family comes, along with my girlfriends' husbands. Good food. Good conversation. Lots of laughs.

I'm thinking all the while that the readying for school the next day is under control.

Details that there is a bad headache waiting to happen and then it happens. And, it happens hard. We can't get home fast enough from the dinner and I cannot get into bed fast enough.

Thankfully, the prep work pays off and G finishes up the evening tasks. And, I sleep.

Fourth part happened at the movies and dinner. Headaches don't really have a part to fit into but the planning to get that fourth part at the movies prevented a total mess in the morning.

I believe planning is a part of life. It's just something that needs to be done. At times, I'm a bit pushy and a little cranky when I'm wanting to get things done according to my timeline. I could allow things to happen when they just happen but I don't work that way. I know Saturdays are the day we get the clothes for the following school week put out and organized. I know Sundays are meal planning days. I have a lot of events by weekend day and it makes sense.

With the planning, Monday mornings aren't rushed and putting together lunches or pulling out random items for dinner. There are no questions about clothes.

Adopting a fourth part approach involves daily planning but also has a weekend plan.

And, I thought I related to Bad Moms. (Well, yeah, I do . . .)

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