Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Ball and Community Swimming Pools

Clockwork. That describes the schedule of a high school football coach. It's not just practice wand film and games in the fall. It's strength and conditioning camp in the summer and two-a-days in August. And, it's spring ball in May. Ahhh, springtime joy. Flowers in bloom, rain showers, white pants and football. Goes together like peanut butter and jelly, right?

Yeah, spring ball started today just like it always does ... in the spring. In May. Yet, I am caught by surprise. So much so, that I had to really think why my husband didn't offer to go to tumbling class tonight so I could come home after work and make dinner. Oh, that's right, it's May, it's spring, it's spring ball.

All my fourth part planning for the rest of this month -- out the window. Remember, the schedule is the same every year, yet every year, I kind of forget. It may have to do with the fact my son doesn't play high school football anymore so I really don't need to know the schedule. I mean my husband doesn't really know my work schedule and what I do all day in meetings and calls.

Thankfully, there is only one soccer practice left and a handful of tap classes. I don't have to figure out those schedules. Easy enough for me to get to ... I do it during the fall and the winter and early spring. But, it's spring ball.

Maybe, because the school year is winding down, I think there shouldn't be any new activities. Nothing should be added to the schedule that doesn't require sunscreen, a beach towel and a bathing suit. That's where the neighborhood swimming pool comes in. Yes, we can go in the evenings and the weekends. It's warm enough with a bit of sunshine for me to get a base tan. It's cool enough that we can walk to the pool and back home. It's spring.

Spring ball is only four weeks and it is capped off by the spring game. Then, school is really almost done and summer is really almost here.

Swimming can happen every day with just a sprinkling of strength and conditioning camp. (I think he told me he only has to work one day of camp this summer.) (That's a schedule changer.) (Lots of fourth part opportunity.)

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