Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Resale Shops and Rodeo Gear

Every year, the San Antonio rodeo takes place in February. Every year, that means boots, jeans and a rodeo shirt are required items for my girls. And, every year, we wait until the weekend the rodeo starts to shop for the gear.

Guess what that means? Everyone in town is shopping for rodeo gear. And, the stores have figured this out so there are no real sales on rodeo gear.

Every year.

Every year.

But, low and behold, we had a free night tonight before the start of the rodeo (ok, like three or four days before) so we could stock up on the gear. And, this year, I reflected on the price of boots that are worn for one year (times two). I thought, the $70 price tag might be a bit too much for six-year-old girls. Actually, I'd spent that much each year for the past five years, so this year, I decided to be a bit more financially prudent -- maybe because I had already bought some boots for myself that were way more than $70 (but still half price with the starting price not being a necessary topic of conversation with my always financially prudent husband).

Off to a resale shop. After work. After homework. After getting the next day's lunches and outfits ready. All a part of effective fourth part achievement. ..... plans to be prepared and ready so that time for me happened.

We didn't find two pair of boots, but we did find one pair. $11.99. Yeah, that's right. A big 'ol savings. So, we knocked out a bit more purchasing at the resale shop. We found two Valentine's Day shirts that weren't officially Valentine's Day bout one had hearts on it and the other the word Love. Won that. We also bought a few other shirts and a skirt. Walked out paying only $50 for boots, one skirt and six shirts. Ain't I something, y'all. I'm getting in the rodeo mood.

Yes, we need to find another pair of boots. And, yes, we won't be able to go until Saturday when the rodeo starts and all of SA is out attempting to gear up for remodel festivities. But, we've got one pair done. I'll also do some planning to find another resale shop that has size 1 boots so we won't waste any precious weekend time hunting down boots.

The weekends, even opening weekend of rodeo, need fourth parts.

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