Sunday, April 30, 2017

Vintage Tablecloths and Charcoal Face Masks


Various translations . . . I'm tired. I'm bloated. I'm moving slow. I'm splotchy.

Time to spring clean this body, skin and mind.

First stop on this cleansing train is not a sugar detox, but it will be something closely resembling that effort. I'm on Weight Watchers online. My goal is to lose 12 pounds. Easy. No sweat. I may look to actually lose 15 so I can have those random three pounds up and down from month to month. Weight Watchers is super doable.

Weight Watchers helps me track my eating. I actually enjoy the process of logging what I eat and watching the points. I've learned to eat my points earlier in the day, alcohol does not help me lose weight and drinking loads of water is a sound approach.

It too me $30 for a three-month online subscription to learn that? How about reading each and every article on healthy weight loss? Or, listening to the countless friends, trainers and coaches I've encountered over the years? 

Don't judge.

So, Weight Watchers helps me. I learned that NIOSA, Fiesta Arts Fair and the 16th Annual Fiesta Friday are events that do not help me in this weight loss journey.

Remember those three random pounds that come on and off easily?

Spring cleaning is in full effect.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. No humidity (thanks storm that woke up my girls and had them trying to sleep in our bed with us for a few hours and really, I had no sleep from about 1 a.m. until I don't know, daybreak!?) and a gentle breeze. It's exactly what a spring day should be. It's a perfect April 30 in San Antonio.

With the beautiful morning, I skipped into the bathroom to weigh myself (ugh three pounds on) and then found a charcoal mask I bought a few weeks back. Yes! (That's the brand as well as my exuberance.)

(I only wish it was one of those pull it off your face masks and every bit of gunk in each and every pore comes out. I could use that sweet pain right now because I've got some pores full of Fiesta.) 

10 minutes later, I've a bright and shining face ready to take on this bright and shining day.

Even egg whites and spinach cooked in a coconut oil with a side of coffee and almond milk as my creamer couldn't damper my brightness. Two points.

Along with the cleansing of my face and body, we are cleaning up the house and yard after the very successful and yes, very fun Fiesta Friday party. We had close to 60 people at one time (which included about 15 kids). The kids alone results in lots of empty chip bags, half-used bubble bottles and cascarone pieces everywhere. Caroline had Cheetos in her bed. 

Our house always feels really clean after the Fiesta Friday party. Our counter tops are empty and all the paper that stacks up is put away. The backyard is picked up and nothing in this house is out of place. G washes down the fish fryers (yes, plural) and all of my Fiesta dishes are sparkling, put away to be used next year.

And, there's the table linens. Each Fiesta Friday, I pull out vintage 1905s (I think) tablecloths and napkins from my grandmother and great-grandmother. They have these prints on them that are perfect for Fiesta. I lay them out and tell the girls about their Gigi and Grannie Mug. They listen sweetly for a hot minute and then run off to ready for the party. Prep as a seven-year-old takes time.

The tablecloths are the first things washed after the party. I air dry them because, well, vintage. I'll iron and neatly fold them, putting them away in the table linens drawer (a drawer for linens . . . this is one of the things that makes G crazy about all the items I have from Nettie and Marguerite) for next year.

Because, there is always a next year for Fiesta. And, while the number of official-sanctioned Fiesta events we attend each year varies, Fiesta Friday is an event always on the calendar. (Except for those years we had basketball tournaments. Those were just as fun. Except if we lost and there were long-stretches of silence.)

And, each year, I gear up losing a few pounds, finding the Mexican shirts in my closet to wear and making prep lists.

And, each year, I forget to take pictures at the party because I'm too busy catching up with friends, laughing and re-telling stories.

And, each year, G and I high five each other at the end of the night with a 'good party' said.

And, then, we cleanse. 

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