Sunday, June 5, 2016

Buttonholes and VBS

One of the best home purchases I ever made was a chalkboard cabinet from Pottery Barn. I bought it over 10 years ago. I stalked it. I waited for it to go on sale and then had an extra discount so it was quite a deal.

When we moved off Walnut Creek to our current home, it came with us. The buyer of Walnut Creek was upset it didn't stay and tried to claim it was a part of the house. No, friend, it's mine. It also was hung about 10 minutes after the multiple television sets were installed. Priorities, people.

This cabinet houses pens, pencils, bills to be paid, two staplers, rulers and tape. Lots of glue, too. Tape, glue and staples seem to be in high demand in the Adams house.

The cabinet fronts are chalkboard. Over the years, we've scribbled grocery lists, projects needing to be completed, countdowns to vacations and weekly dinner menus. Now, in my latest attempt to post my fourth part efforts for all to see, I've listed out each day what little things need to be done. The night before, I'll write down tomorrow's list of to dos not worthy of a calendar entry, but something that's causing me to get a little anxious. Right now, the items for Saturday completion (by the way, it is Sunday evening) are 'fix snap on plaid shirt' and 'buttonhole on denim shirt.'

Obviously, neither was finished yesterday. Remember the parenthetical statement above that it's not Saturday as I write this?

I had mapped out Saturday and even had a fourth part rolled in (G was going to grill our dinner, we had time for Caroline's voice lesson, dropping off an overdue birthday gift and go swimming ...... Plus, my three tasks.) I did finish one task -- booked a hotel for our summer vacation.

Then, I pulled out the sewing machine and the instruction manuk to remind myself how to make a buttonhole. Easy enough? I've done it before. Added thread to a bobbin and popped on the buttonhole foot. I was going to knock this out in a minute.

Beep, beep, beep. The joy of an electronic, fancy, technical, computerized machine. You get these beeps and a flashing red light to help you identify what is wrong. After multiple attempts to fix the beeping, I'm ready. And, then, I couldn't make the buttonhole. I've had time to process since yesterday morning and afternoon and evening and this afternoon so I'm not including any fancy, technical language in my writing.

Over and over and over and over I tried. I tested on another piece of fabric. I watched YouTube videos. I googled Singer Curvy buttonhole. Nothing worked.

I pulled that plug out of the wall, threw the shirt into the 'take to someone else' pile and packed up the sewing machine. I do t even attempt the snap that doesn't require a machine.

I am over it. What should have taken a few moments where my morning coffee stayed warm, took too much time and I didn't get to scratch it off my anxious-building to do list. Aargh!?!?!

Add to the list ... Find someone to make a buttonhole for me. That's one day this week.

The other activities this week are minimal. No tumbling or tap. No voice lessons. No school!

But there is vacation bible school at my church. The girls have invited two friends so Sunday through Thursday evenings this week are about getting the four girls there by 6:30 p.m. and getting them picked up at 8:30 p.m. to go home. The theme of our VBS is Submerged. There's a focus on exploring the depths of God's great ocean of love, grace nod acceptance. The kids will also be learning about the water crisis in Haiti (where we send mission groups each year). There's. Contest to raise money for Justice Water which aims to empower developing communities with sustainable water technologies using affordable, acceptable and available resources.

Add to the chalkboard list -- bring some money for Justice Water and revel in God's love, grace and acceptance.

A buttonhole really shouldn't be a focus that disrupts my day. I've got clean, running water and God's grace.

Should my chalkboard start including a verse ... Or a praise?

Consider that during a fourth part. (It's about time to get these girls). Fourth part pondering will commence later.

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