Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lights and Bikes (Oh, Tamales, too)

A Sunday during the Christmas holiday season is typically jam-packed with running errands, wrapping gifts, addressing cards and RSVPing to party invitations. I also try to knock out a few lists in preparation for upcoming goings-ons. Lists for the meal for Christmas dinner and gifts remaining to be purchased are two I pulled together today. Of course, these will be edited heavily over the coming week but at least I wrote down ham, biscuits, greens and mac & cheese, right?

So when other activities come up on a well-planned out, calendared Sunday (read: G Adams decides to put up the Christmas lights out in the yard and take off training wheels from two six-year-olds bikes because Santa doesn't need to bring new bikes since they never ride these and a bike without training wheels is like a new bike anyway), all plans for a fourth part and a glass of some pretty good I found it at Walgreens wine (on the top shelf, more than $10!) goes out the door.

But wait. This is when you get a fourth part for most of the day nit just after the girls go to bed. (I'm telling you these melatonin gummies are a lifesaver because I've got one sleeping the floor and it is 7 p.m. and another releasing some significantly large yawns!).

With Chris home from school, I didn't have to help with the lights and between Him and his dad, they could take care of the multiple runs to Walgreens for more or replacement lights. And, the two of them each took care of a bike, removing training wheels. AND, each helped teach the girls how to ride their bikes without training wheels (see, these are like new for them so they don't need new bikes because Santa thinks they need to learn how to ride these really well before they get new ones!).

With all that outdoor activity, all I had to do was steam up some tamales, heat up a can of black-eyed peas and stir up some Spanish rice. Oh, since they worked so hard, I also reached deep into my cooking pockets and knocked out some boxed brownies (Ghirardelli are our new favs).

Because lunch and dinner were so simple, I even had time to address 20 Christmas cards plus pop them in the mail. I even wrapped three gifts tucking them under the tree.

Plus, I got to help get the girls going on their bikes. They both learned how to ride, make turns and start themselves up after they stop.

Successful day, yes. Nice family time, definitely. All that in place of evening fourth time, totally worth it!

Oh, and, yeah, both girls are down and I've got the Atlanta Housewives on while drinking my Walgreens wine. In leggings. Glasses on. Full-on fourth part.

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