Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rainy days too close to Paydays

Sold Baylor tickets, check. Went to a used book sale, check. Dance clinic cancelled, check.

Solid amount of funds in the checking account for online shopping or photo book projects on a rainy day, uh, not so much a check.

It is raining. Raining a lot, it's not stopping so we are in our house. All of us. We slept in a bit because the dance clinic was cancelled ..... due to the rain. We watched the football game on TV ..... it was raining in Waco, too, so I am happy we were dry.

With lots of rain on a free Saturday, all plans are out the windows, which are now open because the cool, fresh air feels nice and we are getting a little bit of outdoors while we sit indoors. Again, the constant rain. We need it, I know, but a bit of a break might get me out.

But, wait. We have low funds in the checking account. Payday is next week. So, I couldn't shop anyway. And, since it finally feels like fall, I would want to shop. In place of driving around to stores to shop, I could have the rainy day option of online shopping. Nope, no extra denairo.

Oh, yeah, I have some projects to finish. One is painting -- not a good mix when it is raining. I think it would take years to dry. The second are a couple of photo books -- yep, can't order those. Low funds. You would think I would work on them so they would be ready to order after payday. Nah.

As a result of the aforementioned rain and lack of dollars, I've opted for an all-day fourth part of the day. That means catching up on DVRed shows, pinning like a crazy person and drinking cocktails -- it's Baylor's homecoming after all and I would be risking if I were in Waco.

My girls are busy reading books from the used book sale mentioned previously. My husband is watching college football so conditions are ripe for an all-day fourth part. It's all mine!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get up from the comforts of my couch, take a shower, put in the contacts, fold some laundry, clean the refrigerator, repair a torn seam in a dress, and now, I'm feeling like thenfourth part is slipping away because I have a list of to dos.

So, I'm stopping. Continuing with the fourth part. Keep raining.

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